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At massage the following receptions as their application are used: stroking, squeezing, a razminaniye, a potryakhivaniye, grinding, the active and passive movements with a resistance, shock receptions, stirring. Massage receptions should not cause pain. Carrying out any reception, it is necessary to observe a certain rhythm, rate of movements and pressure force (squeezings).

To increase heat, on the heated stones gradually pour hot water. Remember: the less portion of water, the more hotly and the land will be air. It is better to breathe during water watering a nose as thus hot air is a little cooled, and dry it is humidified.

At the end of bathing procedure it is useful to take a contrast shower. Alternation of warm water from the cool refreshes, encourages. Body temperature, activity cardiovascular and other systems of an organism after a bath remain raised. Avoid sharp cooling. Cold drinks, drafts are extremely undesirable right after a bath. If there is an opportunity, have a rest in the warm room, lie down, having wrapped in a sheet, drink a glass of tea with a lemon.

Air temperature in pair baths has to be 50-60 °C at humidity of 80-100%, and in sukhovozdushny - 70-90 °C at humidity of 10-15%. Let's remind: temperature and humidity of air - the factors interconnected and increase in one of them demands decrease in another. Only this way it is possible to keep a rational microclimate.

Try to train the child in the alphabet of swimming quicker. In order to avoid accidents carefully choose a place for bathing. The most suitable - with a pure sandy bottom, flat descent, with a quiet current of water.

But the main thing - not to forget about time of stay in parilny office. In a sauna the maximum terms taking into account 2-3 calling - 25-30 min. After hard work it is reduced till 18-20 min. In pair baths it is even less: till 4-5 min. - at single stay and 8-12 min. - taking into account the general duration. All bathing procedure should not take more than 2 h, and to be in a steam room no more than 10-30 min. are possible. Beginners have enough to make one calling parilny office for 4-6 min. at the beginning.

And still reminder: as all tempering procedures - air or water - quite strong lever on a children's organism, never neglect the principle of systematicity of their carrying out, gradually increase loadings. At a choice of the tempering means and ways it is also important to consider age, specific features of the child.

As means of restoration it is possible to use the portable thermal camera of Termik released by the domestic industry. It consists of two units: in one there is a heating device, in other - actually thermal chamber. There is also heat-shielding awning from two layers of nylon with porolonovy laying. Temperature in a thermal chamber can increase to 130 °C, however the person does not experience difficulties at breath as his head is out of a chamber.

Strictly adhere to the principles of gradualness and sequence. In all cases of deterioration of health (the feeling of excessive heat, difficulty of breath, emergence of feeling of weakness, dizziness should be passed into a locker room immediately. The heatstroke or other serious troubles is otherwise possible.

Bringing up the child, use any opportunity for carrying out the tempering procedures, gradually and systematically accustom him an organism to the changing environmental conditions. And that can be more joyful and more pleasant for you, dear mothers and fathers, than a good health and cheerfulness of your successors!

Experts revealed dependence between the rest duration, a type of the applied procedure and maintenance after physical activities. If urgent maintenance is necessary, it is expedient to apply only massage. When rest duration between physical activities exceeds 2,5 h, it is recommended to combine a sauna with massage.

The fresh birch or oak broom can be used at once. Before the use it is lowered for 10 - 25 min. in warm water, and then in a steam room steamed out 2-3 more min. The dried-up broom is put on a bench, straightened a fan and 2-3 times pour abrupt boiled water then cover with a basin and maintain in such provision of 10-15 min. For periodic wetting of a broom at hand there has to be a basin with warm water.