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In world practice there are various approaches to definition of securities: lists of the securities included in this concept are various; approaches to the maintenance of the economic relations which express securities, etc. are various.

deniye securities (called also by the dividend). The course income is the income gained as a result of purchase of paper at one price (for example on nominal, that is specified its form with the subsequent resale on another,

professional participants of securities market - the legal entities and citizens who are carrying out kinds of activity, recognized professional on securities market (dealer, broker, etc. kinds of activity).

Distinguish common and preference shares. As well as common stocks, preference shares represent the security indicating share of participation of her holder in corporation. From common stocks they are distinguished by the following:

investors (or their representatives who are not professional participants of the market valuable boom - the citizens or legal entities getting securities in property, full economic maintaining or operational management for the purpose of implementation of the property rights certified by these securities (the population, the industrial enterprises, institutional investors - investment funds, insurance companies, etc.);