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Exhibition tourism belongs to a services sector and is one of the largest and dynamic branches of economy. High rates of its development, large volumes of currency receipts actively influence various sectors of economy that promotes formation of own tourist industry.

As one of annexes to the plan of action the detailed list of things and subjects which will be is attached (will have to) are taken on an exhibition. Existence of this document sharply orders storage and the accounting of things, guarantees timely replenishment of "strategic stocks" of firm at the stand (food, leaflets), facilitates their search, defines missing subjects.

The final stage includes summing up with allocation of positive and negative sides in work of an exhibition. This stage is a basis for adoption of strategic decisions on further prospect of exhibition trade.

exhibitions in a row, one of employees showed an initiative, failures as if "from outside" and came to a conclusion that preparation was nullified by a number of inconsistent administrative decisions. Having appealed to the management to change purposes for recovery from the crisis and warning about a probable failure of the following exhibition, he was inexpressibly surprised, having heard in reply about changes of the made decisions owing to subordination and the instruction to the management as what problems to solve. As a result of "unwillingness" of a compromise for achievement of a goal because of a limited outlook of the head, the third exhibition safely failed, and the employee left at own will.