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You should not distract more for work with the debtors. We completely keep all documentation on calculations with your clients and we control timely payment of your deliveries. You are engaged in business, we - your finance.

At the first stage the exporter requests from the export factor the sum which is subject to providing. Export factor requests the demanded limit at import factor. Import factor checks the importer and provides export factor of a guarantee. Further export factor grants permission to the exporter for a limit then sale of documents is carried out.

At the second stage the exporter delivers goods or service and export factor transfers the copy of the account, and that sends its import factor. Along with goods the exporter sends to the importer the account with marks about a cedation.

Advantage of two-factorial factoring is that for the company serving the importer, debt requirements are internal, but not external as for the factoring company of the exporter. At the same time he is rather bulky and assumes high costs of the parties.

to carry out purchase from the enterprises – suppliers of receivables on the goods shipped and the services rendered unpaid in time buyers (purchase of overdue receivables).

Transfer monetary the requirement on financing terms never demands the debtor's consent as the ban or restriction on a concession of the requirement is initially nullified (item 1 of Art. 828 of group of companies)

At the fourth stage the importer carries out 100% payment import factor, and that transfers the received amount export factor. At last, export factor translates to the exporter not financed part of requirements (10%-30%) minus the cost of factoring services.

The last type of the international factoring - " - that is bek". It is not provided in the three first models of the international factoring operations of financing of requirements of concerns. This function is carried out by factoring " - that is bek". Implementation of the transaction at this technology is similar to a combination of the two-factorial scheme and usual internal factoring.

Import factor assumes risks of the importer, checks his solvency and guarantees export factor payment of the goods delivered by the exporter. If the importer does not pay goods, import factor pays for it.

The third model of the international factoring operations - direct export factoring. At direct export factoring it is not required connections of factoring firm in the country of the importer. Main stages of direct export factoring are as follows:

At the third stage the foreign exporter concedes accounts a factor firm. If the foreign exporter needs replenishment of current assets, at the fourth stage, the factor firm pays in the advance payment to the exporter the cost of goods or the provided services.

In addition, the supplier has to make goods or render quality services, have prospect of fast expansion of production and increase arrived (only in this case it will be favorable to enterprise to pay rather high cost of services of the factoring company) and especially temporary reasons of shortage of money — because of untimely repayment of debts debtors, and also the insufficient profit level, excessive commodity stocks and difficulties connected 'by production.