Opinion Writing Paragraph Intro For Class 1

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Evacuation is an organized export ( and moving in a country zone of other population of the large cities, and also export ( in the safe places of the population living around possible catastrophic flooding in case of destruction of hydraulic engineering constructions.

Chiefs and staffs of civil defense, and also the commission of rural areas carry out reception and placement of the population, dispersed and evakuirovayemy from the cities, its employment, medical and consumer services.

Preparation of the population is will organized and carried out by chiefs of civil defense and their staffs, heads of the enterprises, ucherezhdeniye and educational institutions, chiefs of housing and operational offices (house managements).

Providing the population with individual means of protection is of great importance. This problem is solved by planned supply of workers and employees with individual means of protection, and also preliminary production by citizens of the elementary means of protection.