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It would seem that in these cases it is necessary not only accurately expressed mnemonic orientation, but also the special work on learning of a role corresponding to it. Undoubtedly, in some cases so it also is. However in many cases other ways of storing of a role, in particular – work on image meet.

Not review on these facts, you should not draw a conclusion that thoughts in general are seldom remembered and quickly leave memory. Relative difficulty of their storing should not be considered as the absolute characteristic of their preservation in memory.

Since any storing as a result of an orientation on a mnemonic task on an equal footing is much more effective than involuntary storing, below we will consider for comparison not all conditions, and only the part determined by features of activity, a result having involuntary storing. But considering that conditions of efficiency of involuntary storing should be looked for not in an activity orientation, we will consider other originality of its parties – the contents and nature of performance. These circumstances also determine by themselves value of that comparison which need was stated above.

Thus, the major condition which determined by itself storing in the made experiments was the main course of activity of examinees, the main line of their orientation and those motives by which they were guided in the activity.

The extreme importance of activity of activity which joins storing, is well noticeable and in vital practice. That on what we actively and thoroughly work, is remembered precisely and quickly, despite lack of a mnemonic orientation. From a set of concrete examples learning of a role by actors is such.

The first, memoirs in a bigger measure belong to that examinees did than of what they thought. Though the fact of cogitative activity is noted practically by all. It is worth noticing concerning this moment that the thoughts connected with actions of the examinee are more often remembered.

It should be noted the major role in creation of an image of action and acts which the actor on a scene, connected with emotional experience of a character has to make as the factor promoting storing of words of a role as parts of these actions.

Other experiences showed that storing of the material included in vigorous activity as only its basic point and given therefore in finished form is carried out with smaller success, than storing of the material found independently as a result of active deyatelnosti.8

The general indicator is storing of structure of the report and performance in debate, though is fragmentary. In comparison with data of the first experience It should be noted a good memories of the thoughts in process. It speaks first of all that apprehended in the second case is logically connected, whole. The second distinction it, in the first case, reproduction of concrete objects, - in the second – general provisions. However only these cannot explain these distinctions. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to look for in various orientation of examinees. In the second series of experiments the orientation was informative character that is nearly decisive argument in an explanation of distinctions.

The facts which came to light during experiments are explained by an orientation of examinees at the time of activity. Since transition from the house for work was primary activity, the thought processes which are collateral had no relevance for implementation of the demanded activity therefore are significantly not realized, therefore, are not remembered.

Three times, memories of the apprehended way mostly have here you are pieces of a way where the movement was complicated or by something was facilitated, i.e. connected with activity of examinees (to arrive on time for work).

The first, we received full confirmation of that depth of understanding and the related intellectual activity is the most important condition of efficiency involuntary zapominaniya.14 Thereby they are a source of its advantage over any storing.