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For achievement of the maximum profit it is necessary to determine the necessary amount of production. As the tool of the economic analysis the category of limit costs serves. Limit costs represent additional costs for production of each additional unit of production in comparison with this volume of release. They pay off subtraction of the next values of gross costs.

to define, possible use of the released production equipment of the first enterprise for production of other details if the considered detail is bought on the party will be how profitable.

In general, the system is aimed at profit markup through reduction of costs for excessive labor and stocks. There is a decrease as costs of production, and distribution costs, to constant attention to fluctuations of a market demand.

In system the production site sends previous a card under the name "kanban". On cards of two types it is specified or quantity of details which needs to be taken away on the previous site, or that quantity of details which needs to be made on the previous site. Often mix three concepts: system of firm, system "precisely in time" and kanban system. The system is a method of the organization of production. System "precisely in time" - the principle of production of necessary quantity of details in necessary time. Kanban system - an implementer of system "precisely in time", information system of fast regulation of volume of production at different steps of production. "Kanbang" - one of operating conditions of system "precisely in time".